Wireless Setup

Home Wireless:

Just purchased a wireless router for your home or home office but don’t really know where to start? Are you having problems deciding which wireless products would work best for your different computers? Contact PC Co-Pilots today to help you choose the right products and assist you with your home wireless setup!

Our technicians have experience with several different brands, including Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, and many more! The staff at PC Co-Pilots will always make sure your wireless setup is done right the first time. We have the knowledge and experience in setting up different methods of wireless encryption as well. Don’t let your neighbors or wardrivers access your personal wiresless network! This can cause security problems for your computers, such as virus & malware infections, identity theft, and stolen data!

With PC Co-Pilots, home wireless setup and troubleshooting will never seem so simple!

Network Integrations:

Does your business network require wireless access for your mobile employees? How nice would it be to be able to meet in your conference room without having to fool around with network cables? Did you just rent or purchase more space next to your current office, but a fiber connection between the two buildings seems too costly? No problem!

PC Co-Pilots can integrate wireless connectivity to your current network setup in several different ways. If all you need is wireless access for yourself or your employees, our technicians will survey your office space and locate the best placement of your wireless devices for the best area coverage possible. If your business needs more advanced wireless security, other than WEP, WPA, and MAC address filtering, our team has experience in professional wireless encryption, such as WPA Enterprise and RADIUS authentication services.

Our team at PC Co-Pilots can offer several other wireless solutions for difficult connectivity problems as well. Did you recently add-on to your current office, but your contractor didn’t run data cables for your network computers and devices? Maybe you have need of setting up a wireless connection outdoors? Regardless of your wireless network integration requirements, PC Co-Pilots is here to help create a stable, secure, and accessible wireless solution for your business!

Mobile Broadband:

More and more people are purchasing mobile broadband plans to surf the Internet over your cellular carrier’s network. No matter which wireless service provider you use, PC Co-Pilots will be there to help with the setup or troubleshoot the problems that may appear when using mobile broadband!

Our technicians have extensive knowledge when it comes to carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The team here at PC Co-Pilots can troubleshoot and resolve most software and connectivity issues without further help from your service provider. However, we may require some of your account information for situations where we need to call your mobile service provider, so make sure to keep that on hand!

It doesn’t matter if you have broadband on your smartphone, or if you have a mobile broadband modem connected to your laptop computer. PC Co-Pilots will make sure you are up and running in no time!

Public Hotspots:

Do you own or run a hotel, cafe, or restaurant? Wouldn’t it be nice to offer wireless Internet to your customers, if only you didn’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your business computers? Well, now you can!

With a public wireless hotspot for your business, you can safely provide wireless Internet access for your customers and maintain control of your network at all times. With PC Co-Pilots at the helm, configuring a public hotspot for your clients will increase your reputation and raise customer satisfaction exponentially! You can also save tons of money when compared to purchasing a new broadband line from your ISP and running network data cables to your public areas.

Really – who wants to plug into a jack nowadays anyhow?

Bluetooth Help:

Have you got a Bluetooth earpiece that you need help connecting to your mobile phone? Do you have a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse that is gifing you fits? Leave your cares behind (along with the cords) when choosing PC Co-Pilots for all of your Bluetooth help and support.

Users nowadays are using their own Personal Area Network, or PAN, on a daily basis and most don’t even know it! Devices such as headsets, keyboards & mice, as well as printers are all becoming wireless at a rapid rate and their technology of choice is Bluetooth. Even some watches and gaming stations use Bluetooth to connect their accessories with. Depending on your smart phone, you may even be able to connect it directly to your computer without a need for a data transfer cable.

If you’re looking for more unorthodox help with Bluetooth devices, such as using your Wii remote as a Bluetooth mouse for your computer, our team at PC Co-Pilots can take a look at the problem and help you in many ways other service companies can’t!

Call us today for your inquiry into the world of Bluetooth!

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