Everyday we browse the web. Ever wonder why some people have so much success with websites and others just don’t make any money at all?

The reason is simple.call to action button

Do you have one?

Without a call to action no one knows what to click on.

Your website needs to have a huge sign saying,

“Hey! If your new here click this and find out why you should use xyz company!”

Our call to action is the big blue banner on our homepage. We instantly tell customers of our 100% guarantee. We also try to sell remote support and data backup, which helps both residential and business customers at the same time.

Other great websites that have a fantastic call to action are:

Mail Chimp – http://www.mailchimp.com

Camp Fire – http://www.campfirenow.com

Notice the websites fades away in your eyes. The only thing you want to click is that big ol button that they of course want you to click. This must drastically increase their profit.

Want to have a little fun?

Show your website to a friend or family member who has never seen it before, and tell them to just explore and try to find out what the website is all about. Don’t direct them or help them in any way, just sit there and watch what they do. I bet you will be very surprised! Unless of course you have a great call to action!

Tell us about your website in the comments and we will take a look and reply!