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Web Design: Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We know how to build a great website. We start with a great foundation, clear design and a straight forward goal: increase business.

All of our websites adhere to standards are are tested thoroughly for usability. We pride ourselves on websites that work and are built with search engine optimization in mind from the get go. Saving your business time and money.

Our work starts with a face to face meeting with you where we discuss:

  1. Your goals for a website.
  2. How you plan to market your website. (organic seo, local seo, ppc, etc.)
  3. How large your website will be, and how often will you need to update.
  4. Examine your budget, so we can develop a plan personalized for your company.

We then go back to our office and figure out how we can do everything your business needs for as low of cost as possible.

We send a quote with all the services that we decided on your way. If your happy with our price, we start work immediately.

We are not like most website designers who just go to their desk, build some layouts and send some random ideas. We put a lot of tested reason behind our designs.

We make sure we know the ins and outs of your business by meeting with your business experts to:

  • Figure out what your business is all about, so we can help build your brand online.
  • Brainstorm the keywords and key phrases that your business should aim to rank for.
  • Teaching your copywriters or who ever handles your website the ropes so they can continue to generate content. Keeping your content flow fresh.
  • Last but not least, make sure we stick to what makes your company unique.

Want a company who thinks likes your business, designs for your business, and works to increase your business? Instead of a company who designs a website and says “here its finished”. Cringe!

We never stop working with you. Ever. It’s that simple.

If you like what we are offering, and you know your businesses wants to get started on more than just a website. You want to get started on building a future income building source and a great return on investment. Then contact us for web design and development and lets get started.

At PC Co-Pilots we don’t just build websites, we help build businesses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Looking for answers to search engine questions? We cover the basics from keyword research, webpage titles, internal linking, and website structure all the way up to competitive analysis and back-link research.

We like to think of SEO as a 5 stage approach for businesses.

Stage One: As always we discuss the ins and outs of your business, gaining insight on how your customers will be finding your website through search engine queries. We meet with the people who understand your business, you.

Stage Two: After we understand your business and your goals, we look at the competition. By doing so we can give you a clearer view of how long and how much effort ranking for certain key phrases will take.

However, we don’t just want your website to rank for key phrases.

We want you to be able to measure your return on investment through solid conversions and data that proves we are increasing your website’s traffic.

Stage Three: If you already have a website, we take a look at how everything is setup. Chances are its going to need some onsite optimization. Usually title tags are missing key phrases, proper html structure hasn’t been implemented, there is a lack of H1, H2, H3, and usually some non-optimized internal linking.

After we examine your site, we explain how everything works and recommend a plan of action. If you don’t already have a website, then we can build you a search engine friendly website from the get go.

Finally we meet with the people who are going to be writing your content, we instruct them on how they can start practicing proper SEO strategies when writing for your website. Giving you a long term value for your money.

Stage Four: We begin link & citation building. This were we spend the majority of our time.

What is link building? Why is it important?

You can think of website links like votes. A politician with the most votes should win the election. Google wants the website with the most links to win the highest rank in the search engine results pages.

Stage Five: Analysis of performance and continuing optimization strategies. We don’t just leave you hanging, we continue to monitor your stats and send you monthly updates on your website’s traffic. We are always here for questions.

If your interested in gaining long term value that is proven to be one of the best ROI a serious business can pursue. All while working with a local company you can trust and meet with any time. Then contact us and increase your websites business.

Internet Marketing (eMarketing): increase business

The internet has given rise to the ability to vastly increase business for very low cost. Through newsletters, surveys, and social media you can directly gauge how people respond to your businesses products, thoughts, and marketing efforts.


The best thing since, well… its just the best thing. Newsletters are 100% track-able and extremely low cost. You can send them as often as you like and gauge how your customers react to each one. Include new products, business announcements, and direct people to specials on your website. The list goes on and on.

We can setup your business newsletter and instruct you on how everything works. Within a few hours your business will be able to start your newsletter campaign.

Lets get started on your low cost / high profit advertising campaign.

Online Surveys:

Want to find out what customers are thinking about a product? How about your service? Can you make them happier? Well we can find out with a simple survey. Let PC Co-Pilots setup everything and train you on how it works. Simple elegant surveys open a businesses eyes to the reality of the way customers feel. Don’t be left in the dark.

Find out what your customers are thinking.

Social Media: (facebook, twitter, etc…)

Connect with your customers and build relationships. Become the one business in your niche that customers only want to deal with. Social media is growing every day. More and more accounts are opened and people are searching the social media sites to find out more about local businesses. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to exploit this free public relations tool.

Let us help you fully utilize your facebook and twitter accounts by integrating them all together and tying them into your website.

Pay per click: (PPC)

Looking for some quick traffic to your website?  We are your source for setting up pay per click advertisement.

How we setup PPC:

  1. We meet with you to determine your budget.
  2. Research keywords and key-phrases that match with your business.
  3. Create a landing page for your PPC campaign and begin.
  4. Measure results and fine tune.
  5. Convey the statistics to you, and determine how long you want to keep the campaign going.

While it all seems simple, we recommend having an expert setup and maintain your PPC campaign. There are a variety of benefits to hiring us.

Benefits of hiring PC Co-Pilots for PPC:

  • Save time and research. We know how to research keywords quickly and effectively. We spend hours everyday using tools for SEO and keyword research.
  • High Return on investment. We understand long tail optimization and how effective it can be for an alternate long term PPC campaign.
  • One company handles all your website needs. No need to consult with others and explain your business efforts to anyone else.

The effects of a successful PPC campaign can increase business immediately, and we find it to be a good alternate method for quick starting a business while organic SEO efforts are being applied. Pay per click is measurable, track-able and affordable. We meet any budget and setup your landing pages for your unique needs.

User Testing: find out why people click what

Ever wonder why your customers are not finding out about your great deals? Well its probably because you haven’t tested to find out why.

User testing is affordable! Do not let anyone tell you different.

We have tested numerous sites. We find its the best way to determine why your website isn’t converting as many visitors to customers as you would like.

There can be many problems that your website might face.  However simple or complicated your website might be, we can test users and recommend changes.

Problems that we have found most websites face through user testing:

Problem: No clear concept of what the website is about.

Result: Users instantly click back.

Problem: Over abundance of information without context clues to aid scanning.

Result: Users fumble around, then click back.

Problem: Bad or confusing navigation.

Result: Users try to find what they are looking for and only a few succeed. Eventually they click back.

Problem: Becoming lost on a website, not sure where they are located or what they have looked at.

Result: Clicking the home button and starting over. Usually leading to frustration and  lowering your potential customers trust.

What is the solution to these problems?

Hiring us to test your website. So you can become aware of out what problems you face, discuss these problems  and fix them immediately.

Hosting Services: (website and email)

Website Hosting

At PC Co-Pilots, we can provide you with locally managed and supported web hosting services. We promise 99% uptime and handle any issues that your website might encounter. Allowing us to host your website means you have a local company to call, which you know will support your issue immediately. We don’t have a queue. There is no waiting for us to answer the phone, just give us a call and we will be here to help. Any problems that come up with your web hosting can usually be resolved within an hour!

Google Apps

Google Apps

We have provided setup and support for Google Apps since its inception! At PC Co-Pilots, we can setup your email through Google for a new domain, or easily transfer your existing email hosting setup to Google Apps. There is no job too big or small!


  • Integrations

    If you’re looking for one of the best built-in spam filtering email service for your company or website, Google Apps is the way to go! Let our talented staff setup your new domain’s mail service or migrate your current email accounts over to Google Apps. We can setup Google Apps hosting no matter where your current domain is registered, or where you website is hosted!

    PC Co-Pilots can also integrate your new Google Apps hosting service with whatever current email clients you may use, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, and more! We’ll make sure you have email access on-the-go as well by configuring your new Google Apps mailbox on your iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smartphone!

  • Add-ons

    Do you need more out of Google Apps than just email hosting? No Problem! At PC Co-Pilots, we can talk with you about any additional collaboration tools you may need to keep yourself and your business productive!

    • Need to integrate your Google Apps with a CRM application? Done!
    • How about integration with your online accounting program? Done!
    • Require email archiving and recovery services with extra security? Done!

    There’s an enormous amount of free and commercial add-ons that can be integrated with your Google Apps hosting, so let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be more than happy to help you out!

    Contact us to ask about hosting your website or email today!

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