Each month, over 500 million users spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook.  Along with status updates and content uploads, paying visits to friend’s profile pages is favorite activity.  Whose been lurking around your Facebook page?

Its a tempting question:  who has been poking around in my virtual life?  Plenty of applications have offered Facebook users a chance to see who has been visiting and what they looked at.  Unfortunately, those Stalker Trackers and Profile Trackers are all fakes.  Facebook considers these types of applications to be in violation of their privacy agreements.  This means that even if one comes out that works, it will get shut down by Facebook itself.

So when you see one of these promising apps, avoid them like you would any other malware or virus.  These applications are created for one purpose:  to hijack your account.  They will steal personal information of you and your friends once they have the access.

Any social media application can do this, so how do you find the ones you can trust?  If you really must take that quiz that tells you what color your heart would be if you were a Greek goddess’ puppy, protect yourself by paying attention to what permissions the application is asking for the first time you use it.  No application should have access to any personal or account information.

To see which applications you have given what permissions to, follow these steps:  Click on Account in the top right corner then go to Privacy Settings.  On the bottom left, there is a section labeled Applications and Websites, click Edit Your Settings under this heading.  From here, you can edit many important security features.  First, visit the Edit Settings link to the right of Applications You Use.  From there, you can check the permissions of applications and remove them.

While you’re at it, check the Edit Settings under Info Accessible through your Friends.  Its not just applications you use that you should be concerned about.  Uncheck all the boxes in this section so your friends don’t accidentally share information you don’t want them to.

New applications that can threaten your security are coming out everyday.  Facebook is also making changes to their privacy settings regularly.  If it all gets too confusing, just give us a call at (706) 253-6362 or email jessica@pccopilots.com.

Statistics provided by Facebook.