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Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. We use them to call our families or co-workers, listen to music, surf the Internet, and run neat mobile apps. Regardless of if you’re an Apple fan with the latest iPhone available or run your business from your Windows Mobile Phone, our staff at PC Co-Pilots can help when your lifeline to the world refuses to function.

PC Co-Pilots is constantly learning about the latest smartphone technology to support all of our customers’ needs. If you use an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Phone, or Android phone, our passionate team will answer any of your questions or help you with setting up a new device. Tired of your current smartphone and are looking to switch? Have PC Co-Pilots make the change for you so you never loose your invaluable contacts, calendar, or files.

If you’re a business and run Microsoft Exchange server, you’re in luck! PC Co-Pilots is part of the BlackBerry Alliance Program and can setup and support a BlackBerry Enterprise Server solution for your mobile work force with no problem! If you’re employees use iPhones or other devices, that’s no problem either! Our experienced team can configure almost any smartphone for your corporate Exchange Server so you and your employees can stay connected at all times.

Does your productivity go downhill while on the road? Have PC Co-Pilots research and setup a mobile solution for your project management, customer relations, or job tracking. We can integrate several different mobile devices together in a single cloud-based solution so your employees can use the smartphone they know and love without having to switch to a different device!

Contact us today for all of your smartphone support!

Media Players & Handhelds:

At PC Co-Pilots, we’ve seen tons of people having problems with their various media players and handheld devices. iPhones, Zunes, Creative devices, and TomToms are our specialty, but we can support almost any type of portable media player or handheld you may have.

The phrases we most often hear are:

  • “My iTunes library isn’t syncing right!”
  • “How do I listen to music on my Sony PSP?”
  • “My handheld won’t connect to my wireless network! Help!”

Fortunately, our terrific staff can help you out with any of these problems and more! Contact us for your media player and handheld device issues today!

Disc Authoring:

Having problems burning that DVD or Blu-ray disc on your computer? Can you not figure out how to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format? How would you like to make a custom DVD menu for the family photos you send to your loved ones?

Well, you’re in luck because PC Co-Pilots can help you with all of your optical disc authoring needs! Regardless of if you can’t find the right adapter to connect your video camera to your computer, or if you’re not sure what to do after its connected, our technicians can help you out from beginning to end. With focus on Sony, Canon, and Samsung products, we can manage just about any media problems you have.

Our team will work with you on a multitude of problems, including:

  • DVD & Blu-ray burning problems
  • DVD menu setup
  • Ripping DVD & Blu-ray discs to your computer (for legitimate & legal purposes only!)
  • LightScribe and disc label creation

Is there anything that our talented team of technicians can’t do?

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