Let me share a horror story with you: A client called us up in a panic. She had left her iOS device on a plane after a red-eye flight! Her only course of action was to frantically call her bank, credit card companies, and reset every password she has. None of her data was secured. To help you prevent this same catastrophe, we’re following up our Android security article with one for iPhones.

How to Enable Passcode Protection & Auto-Lock

The first step is to enable Passcode Protection to require a code before your phone can be used.

  1. Tap the Settings app and go to General
  2. Select Passcode Lock and Tap Turn Passcode On
  3. Enter a four-digit passcode and reenter it to confirm
  4. Go back to General under Settings
  5. Tap Auto-Lock and select the amount of time your iPhone will wait before locking.

Now your phone will automatically enter sleep mode and, upon waking, require that code. For a little extra protection, you can also enable the Erase Data function. This will completely wipe the data from your Apple device after ten unsuccessful Passcode attempts. Great idea in the event of leaving your iPhone somewhere, like a plane.

How to Enable SIM Protection

Locking the SIM card with a PIN will prevent someone from using your iPhone to make calls or removing it for use in another phone.

  1. First, go to the Settings App
  2. Tap Phone. iPad Wi-Fi users will tap Cellular Data.
  3. Choose SIM PIN, then Change PIN
  4. Enter the Current Password. For AT&T users, the default is 1111. For other service providers, contact the carrier.
  5. Now enter your New Passcode and confirm it

Your iPhone will ask for this SIM PIN the next time you turn it on. After three failed attempts, the SIM card will lock and you will have to contact your service provider.

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