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Networking Essentials:

If you own a business, odds are you have a network of computers to manage and run that business. Even if you only have two or three computers, you will need to share information between you and the rest of your team. This is where PC Co-Pilots shines!

Our technicians are trained to setup and support any type of network. From small businesses with only a few computers and printers to large corporations of hundreds to thousands of devices, PC Co-Pilots can make sure your work flow is as streamlined and reliable as possible. We specialize in Windows, Mac, and Linux networking and can integrate any or all of these systems together with seamless functionality. From Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 through Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and other flavors of Linux, there is no networking challenge that we can’t handle!

Sharing Microsoft Office files and printers are a breeze! Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, Access databases, Publisher files, and more can be at all of your employees’ fingertips in short order. Setup of printers and other devices connected directly to your Local Area Network or your Wireless Network are a cinch! Sharing printers connected directly to your computers are even easier to our support team.

PC Co-Pilots can also setup and support your network applications, such as Quickbooks, Peachtree Accounting, Act!, Sage MIP, Great Plains, and so much more! Feel free to contact us at any time to inquire about networking your other less popular business applications. At PC Co-Pilots, we never turn down an opportunity to solve your business networking needs!

Servers & Domains:

If you have a growing small business, or already run a large company, you will need a higher level of availability to your crucial data at a certain point. This is when your business requires one or more dedicated servers and usually a centralized system of authentication for your users.

At PC Co-Pilots, our team has several years of experience in setting up and maintaining networks which run Windows Servers. Starting with Windows Server 2000 and going through Windows Server 2008, we have logged thousands of hours configuring and supporting Microsoft’s Active Directory Domain Services. No matter the problem, we can resolve all of your Active Directory issues. DNS and DHCP errors will be a thing of the past along with user permission issues and DFS problems.

Need flexibility for your users to signin to multiple workstations on your network? No problem! Our expert team at PC Co-Pilots can setup your users with roaming profiles to make sure all of their personal data transfers with them wherever they login.

What about management of your servers’ and workstations’ critical software patches? With PC Co-Pilots, you can have Windows Server Update Services configured specifically for your network setup. Manually updating all those computers and servers will be a thing of the past!

Contact PC Co-Pilots today to inquire about our Server Maintenace Plans!

Network Security:

Security is usually the most important thing in the minds of most business owners. Here at PC Co-Pilots, we understand that for your business to operate smoothly, you can’t have your network and data compromised by hackers, viruses, or disgruntled employees. Let PC Co-Pilots setup a network security policy tailored to your business needs!

Virus protection is required for all of your workstations and servers. The technicians at PC Co-Pilots have extensive knowledge when it comes to setting up network-wide virus protection for your business computers. We support only the best software the industry has to offer including products by Symantec, Sophos, GFI, and more. Virus infections spread fast, so you can’t be left unprotected! If your network is already running rampant with viruses, our crack team at PC Co-Pilots will clean up your systems and make sure you never have an outbreak again!

As most business computers are connected to the Internet, keeping out hackers is a daily concern for the average business owner. Make sure your network is protected with a firewall solution provided by PC Co-Pilots! Our technicians will survey your network’s security and consult with you on the best firewall solution your company needs. We utilize both software and hardware firewall solutions, including Watchguard, Sonicwall, Sunbelt Software, and many others, so we can accomodate the right setup for your network that fits well within your business’s budget.

Last but not least, password policies and account lockout policies are recommended for most companies – regardless of your size. This level of security can sometimes be frustrating, but it is much worse to have your network compromised! One out of five users still use easily guessed passwords. That means that hackers would have a 20% chance of easily obtaining access to your network data. Even slightly stronger passwords can be cracked through brute force utilities or rainbow tables given enough time.

Hackers aren’t the only people you may need to protect your company network from. Disgruntled or fired employees can do as much, if not more, damage to your business than hackers if not restricted in a proper fashion. Unrestricted access to your sensitive business data can leave you with having to restore data from a previous backup at best, or spending thousands of dollars trying to recover data or rebuilding lost data including possible attorney fees for court cases at worst. Keep your user accounts managed and secure!

Let PC Co-Pilots configure a security policy tailored for your network today!

VPN & Remote Services:

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home or have business associates that aren’t in their office. Your company may also have multiple locations around the globe that need to share information with each other. At PC Co-Pilots, we believe that remote access is the best thing since sliced bread! No matter where you are in the world, you can usually accomplish most of your job from having a remote connection to your business resources.

PC Co-Pilots was formed around the ideal that we can support anyone from anywhere. Regardless of if you only need on-the-go access for when you’re travelling, or if you have several networks that need to be connected together, our technicians are highly skilled in crafting the right remote access solution for you. Remote access has many environmental benefits as well and is recommended by the Clean Air Campaign of Georgia.

Our team can setup and support a multitude of VPN solutions from Microsoft, Netgear, Watchguard, and more! We also are experts at configuring and supporting Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) on your Windows Server. If you need on-the-go access to your work computer either at home or when travelling, PC Co-Pilots can setup a remote control service such as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn as well!

When it comes to remote access, there is no one as skilled as PC Co-Pilots!

Email & Collaboration:

Email is one of the key communication methods for most businesses. As your company grows, so does the need for bigger and better email solutions. When faced with these growing pains, PC Co-Pilots is on call to help facilitate the right solution for your email and collaboration needs!

The team here at PC Co-Pilots has a vast array of knowledge and tools at our disposal to setup the best email configuration for your business. If you require webmail accesss, email archiving, advanced email tracking, superior spam fighting methods, or content control, PC Co-Pilots can deliver an outstanding solution for your company.

Does your business need contact and calendar sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, voice-to-text technologies, or other advanced collaboration features? Our experts have the know-how to integrate these systems into your existing setup or link them into a new email and collaboration service!

PC Co-Pilots supports the best of the best email and collaboration software, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Google Apps, Zimbra, and Open Xchange, just to name a few. Let PC Co-Pilots craft a state-of-the-art package your business can rely on for years to come!

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