Prepare to spend a lot of money.

You can either attempt to recover your lost data or you can start building it at a fast pace from the ground up. Going through massive amounts of information as fast as possible to reconstruct it all.

Neither of those options sound fantastic to me. In fact both are going to cause long-term impacts on your business. Your systems are down, you have to hire someone to fix it all back, you have to work your employees overtime to fill in all the missing information, you might have lost client information, and many more long drawn out problems.

“Oh sure, but this can’t happen to my business!”

I have backups in place and I check them everyday. You do right?

I have this external hard drive that keeps all my information. Is it really keeping all your information? Do you check it?

I have a brand new computer and I am not worried about losing information. We fix brand new computers all the time! They break, fall over, get zapped by power, and much worse.

If we told you how many calls we get every week about data loss:

You would think we were just trying to drum up sales, and in fact we are!

But not because we make a lot of money off selling you data backup plans. We make way more money helping you recover your data or setting up your new system. We want to save you money! Seriously, if we can’t recover your data the only other option you have is to send it to Ontrack.

While Ontrack provides an excellent service and we highly recommend them. They are pricey, but they have you when you most need them. They know you want your data and you can’t get it without them. That’s a pretty good business model.

So seriously stop gambling with your business data. I know this blog post is very marketing oriented, but I don’t want you, as a reader of our blog to have to experience the drama and complete craziness of loosing your data when its so affordable to call us and setup a backup plan.

Think about what you would do at this very moment if you couldn’t turn on your computer because your hard drive just failed. Now what?