Green Technology

Energy Efficiency:

With great power comes great responsibility!

In our day when we look around and see our impact on the environment, this statement rings loud and clear in the ears of PC Co-Pilots! We strive to offer the most up-to-date and knowledgeable consultation when suggesting new energy efficient technologies for our customers. Regardless of if you have a couple of computers at home or if you run a server farm for a large web hosting company, energy efficiency should be one of your primary concerns!

Our team can assist you when setting up new computer and server systems as well as replacing your existing technologies with greener solutions! Here are a few ways you can help to be greener:

  1. Efficient Power Supplies & UPS’s:

    When it comes to the amount of power your home or business uses, try to use as little as possible! Purchase 80PLUS Certified power supplies and UPS systems that charge and hold power to their batteries more efficiently. This will save you money and help the environment!

  2. Power Management:

    Do you really need your computer or workstations running 24/7? If your business operates from 8am – 5pm with an hour lunch, then have those power consuming devices shut down or go into a low-power usage mode while not in use!

  3. Donate to Eco-Friendly Causes:

    Check out the Green Providers Directory as well as other websites with environmental causes. These charitable organizations can really use your help and you’d be doing yourself a favor (along with everyone else)!

Our world was green when we were born – lets leave it green when we leave!


If you have a corporate network with a lot of servers, then you have probably used some sort of virtualization technology. At PC Co-Pilots, we wholeheartedly support virtualization whenever possible! There are many reasons to use virtualization in your business:

  • Server Consolidation
  • Software Testing
  • Desktop Emulation
  • Reduced Security Risks
  1. You can save a lot of money virtualizing your servers or workstations as well! If your business requires a server for three different specific roles, then instead of having to purchase three separate servers, you could buy a single one and run two other virtual machines on that server.

  2. If you’re spending more money on higher-end workstations for your network as well, instead try virtualizing your employees’ consoles on a terminal server and buying inexpensive, energy efficient low-end computers. You could end up saving thousands of dollars this way!

At PC Co-Pilots, we specialize in setting up various virtualization technologies for your business! We work with many different solutions, such as:

  • Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)
  • Citrix Systems’ XenDesktop, XenServer, and other products
  • VMware Workstation, Server, & ESXi products
  • Windows Virtual PC
  • Parallels Workstation (for Mac)

If you have any questions about how virtualization can help your business (and the environment!), contact us as PC Co-Pilots for a consultation!


We spend so much of our daily lives driving to and from work, going to meet with clients, grabbing lunch (when we should be eating out less), and running to the store for items we could order online. When you look at how much money each individual family spends on fuel, oil, and maintenance on their automobiles, it’s kind of surprising that more people don’t try to work from home!

Did you know that the normal passenger car emits over four and a half metric tons of greenhouse gases a year?! When looking at how many other people drive trucks or SUVs, let alone larger transport vehicles, you can really start to feel an impact that the amount of daily driving we do affects our world. Besides helping the environment and saving money, there are several other good reasons why you should promote teleworking to your employees, or employer, when possible:

  • Reduce Pollution!

    Pollution is not only terrible to the environment, but to our heath as well! According to the Transportation Almanac, car emissions kill 30,000 people a year in the United States alone.

  • Energy Waste!

    Traffic congestion wastes billions of gallons of fuel each year! Passenger vehicles also use over 40% of the daily consumption of oil in the United States!

  • Be Safe!

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there were over 37,000 vehicle crashes that resulted in fatalities in 2009! In Georgia alone, they estimate that there’s 350,000 crashes added to the state repository per year!

Let PC Co-Pilots help make the world a little greener by setting up a custom solution for your business! Regardless of if you or your employees can only work from home one or two days a week, it has a major impact on our world!

Go Paperless!:

According to the Green Air Council:

“Each year, Americans trash enough office paper to build a 12-foot wall from Los Angeles to New York City.”

Now that’s an image!

If saving trees and helping the environment isn’t a good enough reason for you or your business to go the paperless route, then consider some of these facts:

  • Cost of paper documents!

    There’s an estimated cost of roughly $50 per document according to research by Coopers & Lybrand! Accounting for the paper used, printing supplies, postage for mailing documents, as well as the cost of the people you need to handle and manage those documents, you could save over 25% in your paper management costs alone by going paperless!

  • Save your printers!

    Printer supplies account for a lot of waste and a lot of money your average business spends over the course of a year. If you even cut back on your printing by some, this would save you from having to purchase as many toner and ink cartridges and keep those printers running longer before needing to be serviced or replaced entirely!

  • Easier and clearer record keeping!

    When dealing with paper documents, its easy to loose track of your files and folders, especially when several people use them along with yourself. With electronic documents and files, you know exactly where those contracts and pictures are at! If you loose track of something, its much easier to search your computer for the file or even restore it from a backup if necessary!

To find out more about the benefits of going paperless and how PC Co-Pilots can help you migrate over to the green side, contact us today!


Some people may say, “Well, we could go paperless, but what’s the point? Doesn’t computer and technology waste build up more than paper alone?” Well, as you are right that eWaste is a major problem in our day and age, unfortunately our annual paper waste still overshadows our eWaste by a long shot!

This doesn’t mean your job is finished by reducing and recycling your paper consumption though! Most people on average just throw out their old electronic devices without even knowing the damage that it causes to the environment. Here at PC Co-Pilots, we can help answer all of your questions about eCycling and locate the nearest waste management facility nearest to you who would be able to take all of your old electronic equipment!

Not sure about what you could recycle when it comes to your home or business electronic devices? Here’s a list of just some of the stuff you might not know you could recycle:

  • Computers & laptops
  • CRT & flat panel monitors
  • Printers & faxes
  • Televisions
  • Cell phones
  • DVD, CD, & MP3 players
  • Modems, routers, & switches
  • Cables & wires

At PC Co-Pilots, we care about our environment and want to do anything we can to help our customers be more green! Because some of you may not be able to take your eWaste off to a proper recycling center, call us at PC Co-Pilots and we can handle all of your eCycling for you!

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