You know your business needs to have a Facebook presence… Now what?  Jumping into social media can be confusing and time consuming.  We’ve put together a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you get rolling on your company’s Facebook marketing.

Doing it right:

  1. DO have a fan page, not a personal profile.  For more information about the differences, check out our blog post:  Social Media Marketing:  Getting Started with Facebook.

  2. DO let your fans post pictures and comments to your wall.  Social media is all about sharing.  If you find that you get too much spam on your fan page, you can change the viewing or permissions.  To get to these settings, go to your business page and click on “Edit Page” in the top right corner.  In the menu on the left, choose “Manage Permissions.”  From here you can set parameters for what fans can see and do on your page.

  3. DO respond to each post or comment as often as possible.  Sometimes it may not be needed, but your fans will like seeing your responses.  It makes them feel like your company cares about what they have to say.

  4. DO make a unique post at least once per day, five days a week.  This will keep you fresh in your fan’s minds so you get the call when they need the kind of services you provide.  Be sure you’re not posting too often.  More than every three to five five hours will start feeling like spam to your fans.

  5. DO regularly monitor your Facebook Insights.  These analytics will tell you who your fans are, when your posts are getting the most views, and what content your fans are responding to best.  Armed with this, you can craft your posts to get the most mileage from your page.  You can access Insights two ways:  in the admin box to the right of your fan page or in the “Edit Page” menu.

Not so right:

  1. DON’T automatically delete someone’s negative comments.  These public comments present you with a perfect opportunity to show your dedication to problem solving and customer service.

  2. DON’T overtly market to your fans with every post.  TiVo is popular because people can now skip over annoying commercials.  If you’re always telling your fans how awesome your products are and how much they need them, they’ll get bored and hide your posts.  Instead, give them something they find useful or entertaining.  For example, I often post neat applications, useful quick-tips, or funny tech comics.

  3. DON’T randomly post.  It can be hard coming up with good content every day, but randomly posting whenever you happen think about it can lead to a low-quality page that your fans won’t appreciate.  Creating a general schedule of content a few weeks in advance can help keep you organized.  Use your Insights mentioned above to strategically give your fans what they want when they will be sure to see it.  A schedule can also be helpful if more than one person is in charge of your business’ page.

Because marketing can be so time consuming, it’s important to know how to get the most out of the time you spend with your fan page.  To see how we do it, check out PC Co-Pilot’s Facebook Page. If you feel like you may need a little more help, we now provide one-on-one social media marketing consultations that focus on Facebook.  To learn more about this service or schedule your consultation, call (706) 253-6362 or email