We’re all going mobile now: Smartphones, iPads, laptops, netbooks, and the list goes on! What do all these devices have in common? They all run on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. With your life hanging from that rechargeable tether, you definitely want to get as much out of it as possible. Here are some handy pointers to keep your devices going and going and going…

  • Your battery will last longer if kept operating at a mid-state of charge (20-80%).
  • Partial, random charges are best. It’s not necessary to allow your battery to fully die before charging. In fact, you should avoid this if at all possible.
  • If your battery is draining too quickly due to use, consider getting a bigger battery.
  • Never leave a fully charged device plugged in, even if you’re using it. This will zap its overall lifespan and reduce the time needed between charges.
  • Temperature extremes should be avoided. Overheating or low temps can drastically reduce a battery’s longevity. So try not to leave a device in your car, especially during summer or winter. Keeping laptops and netbooks running for long periods of time can cause overheating and damage the capacity of the battery.

Most of today’s mobile devices use a Lithium-Ion battery with an average lifespan of 18 – 24 months. But average is boring! Follow these simple tips and let us know how much life you can squeeze out your batteries.

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