Computer Repair

Virus Removal:

At PC Co-Pilots, we have the tenacity to tackle any sort of malware removal that is infecting your computer. Be it viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, or adware, we will make sure to remove all threats from your PC – everytime.

When it comes to the security of your home or work computer, you want to keep your data and identity safe with certainty. We will always give you the best virus and malware protection software that fits your personal or business needs.

Don’t become part of the botnet – keep your computer safe with security software installed by PC Co-Pilots!

[Need help fast? No need to schedule an onsite visit or bring in your PC! Call us today and a support representative can connect to your computer remotely and fix your problems quickly!]

Email Help:

One of the most widely used forms of communication nowadays can also be one of the most frustrating! Whether you check your email through the web, in a desktop app, or on your phone, a PC Co-Pilots technician can help you out in your times of need.

We specialize in:

  • New email configurations
  • Email setup on mobile devices
  • Synchronzing multiple email accounts at once
  • Advanced collaboration techniques through email

Also, if you’re just starting out with a new website, or if you would like your emails to look more professional by using your domain, PC Co-Pilots can setup a new Google Apps account for your domain name so you can email like a pro. Our technicians have been setting up and supporting Google Apps since the beginning and are highly trained in everything Google!

If you’re having errors with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, or another favorite desktop email client, PC Co-Pilots has a 100% guarantee that we can fix it.

Need email on-the-go? Blackberries, iPhones, Windows Mobile Phones, and others bow to our will! PC Co-Pilots will set you up so you will always be connected in our Digital Age.

Spam in your inbox making you grind your teeth? Our customizable anti-spam solutions are perfect for you! Looking for anti-spam for your organization? Take a look at our Network Support page here.

Printer Support:

Inkjet printers, laser printers, all-in-ones, network printers, wireless printers, shared printers … AARRGGH! There’s a lot that can go wrong when trying to print digital documents. It can be very confusing when choosing the best printing solution for your task as well!

Regardless of if you have a printer plugged straight into your computer, or a wireless printer in another part of your home, PC Co-Pilots can troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may crop up. When making a new purchase, we will also suggest what route is best for your personal printing needs – at no charge!

Our technicians support all of the major printer brands you may be using for your home, home office, or small business. Choose a service company with experience in HP, Dell, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, Konica Minolta, and many more!

Having problems with your receipt printer on a POS station? Yeah, we can fix that too!

Hardware Services:

If your computer suddenly has a problem booting, displaying video, or randomly shutting down, you may have a failing component. At PC Co-Pilots, we service all types of computers, including PCs, laptops, netbooks, Macs, and HTPCs.

  • Power supply has burned out?Check!
  • Need some additional RAM installed?Check!
  • CPU is overheating?Check!

If we can’t repair your hardware problem, then we will give you the best options for replacement available!

Should you just go ahead and replace your computer? Well, we take that into account during our diagnostic process. If the cost of repair is going to be the same or more as a replacement system, PC Co-Pilots will give you several options and recommend the most cost efficient solution for your needs!

Software Help:

Needing new software installed? Maybe you’re having a problem with your favorite photo editing program? Our technicians at PC Co-Pilots can service it all!

We are experts when it comes to more major problems as well, such as corrupt drivers, broken Windows installations, and failed Mac OS X startups. If your system’s operating system is too badly damaged, either by a failing hard drive or a virus infection, our techs will install a fresh, clean copy of your OS in no time. Don’t worry about your data though! If you require any data backup, we’ll do that for you as well! Check out more about backups on our Backup & Data Solutions page.

Remember – never use pirated software! We won’t support any programs that aren’t licensed and legal!

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