The short answer is yes! Most definitely! Google, Yahoo and Bing all have their own search algorithms. All of them take into account the amount of external links pointing to your website.

For example, an external link pointing to a website looks like this:

We like Google.

The example above is an external link from our website to Google’s website.

What most people and businesses are unaware of is that Google and all of the other search engines take into account where that link comes from. I don’t just mean where, as in what website. Google can determine the “physical address” of the business website.

For example, Google knows that is a business located in Jasper, GA. We tell Google our location by having our address listed multiple times throughout our website.

What is local search?

Local search is when you search Google, Yahoo or Bing by adding a physical location to your search.

Example search query: “accountants in Jasper, Ga”

By adding the Jasper, GA part to your search you tell Google, “Hey I want results centered around Jasper, GA.”

How do local business directories help?

Because Google, Yahoo and Bing all take into the “physical address” of the website. When a business directory is centered around Jasper, GA and it displays links of local business websites, Google knows that the business directory must be about local business. What helps even more is when Google finds those local business websites and sees they are all centered around the same area.

If you were Google which website would you rank higher if the customer searched for “accountant in Jasper, GA.”

North Georgia Search Engine Optimization

Obviously the website on the left is much more Jasper, GA focused. So Google has a very good reason to give the website on the left the better position on the search results page.

Look at the website on the right. It has links pointing to it from all over the world. It also has links from a spam directory, which is a no no from Google’s perspective. Get enough spam links and Google is going to penalize your website. If you’re going to invest in a search engine optimization company, make sure they know what they are doing. If they build a lot of spam links pointing to your website, you could experience a major loss of position in search results.

An example of a good local business directory?

Our favorite local business directory is, which is owned and operated by Beth Compton.

What does it all mean!?

If your website can acquire an abundance of local links from local websites, your website is going to have a greater chance of ranking higher for local search phrases.

A warning!

Not all links are created equal. Remember to check out the website before attempting to acquire links. As always if you need some advice or help – we are here to help you out!

We offer consulting and search engine optimization services for businesses in North Georgia. We know it’s hard to get links from local websites. After all you’re going to need a reason for that website to link to your website. That’s where we come in. We are experts in developing ways and reasons for other websites to link to your’s.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the great weather! Don’t stay inside searching the web for good local links!