• Has your desktop or laptop computer been slow, lagging, crashing, or freezing up?  With your entire business and personal life revolving around your machine, there is never a good time for it to go down.  Why is it crashing?  Is there anything you can do to fix it?

    We’re going to review a few common computer issues, their causes and if there is anything you can do before you’re too tempted to throw it out the window.

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  • What would happen to your car if you never changed the oil in it, never check the brakes, never took it in for a tune-up? It wouldn’t be pretty…or cheap. Just like a vehicle, you depend on your computer to connect you to the world. By keeping up with routine maintenance and small upgrades, you can prolong the life of your computer and avoid technological catastrophe. > Read More

  • The time comes in every computer’s life when we must say goodbye and send it to hardware heaven. Sometimes we hold on for way too long before sending these frustratingly slow dust buckets to their final rest because shopping for a new computer can be daunting. How do you pick the right system for your needs without paying for performance you’ll never use? I’m going to highlight three basic components you should consider during your next purchase.

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