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Backup Plans:

One of the most important and widely overlooked requirements for your company are backups. Over 90% of businesses who loose their data for over 10 days file bankruptcy within a year of the incident. Imagine loosing all of your company data in one fell swoop and think about how long your business could survive after the loss. Could you recover all of your financial data, customer contacts, documents, spreadsheets, and other business specific data after a disaster?

At PC Co-Pilots, we take data backups seriously. Natural disasters, virus infections, failed hard drives, and user error are the most common causes of data loss. All of this, however, can be avoided with a good backup plan in place.

Our technicians at PC Co-Pilots are determined when crafting a backup scheme in accordance with your company’s needs and budget. We specialize in disk-to-disk backups, tape backups, backups to NAS devices, and offsite backups. Depending on your data repository, we will setup a backup rotation scheme in one of many ways.

A round robin backup rotation may work well for one company, but a grandfather-father-son rotation may work better for another. You may only need incremental backups for your business, or a more complex rotation, such as the Towers of Hanoi. Regardless of your data repository, PC Co-Pilots will setup the right backup plan for your business!

And for home users out there, backups are just as important for you too! You may not need as complex of a backup scheme as a business, but give PC Co-Pilots a call to setup a simple backup plan you can manage yourself!

Offsite Backups:

Offsite backups, online backups, or remote backups as they are called, are a great way for both businesses and home users to store a copy of their important data on a remote server across the Internet. At PC Co-Pilots, we encourage using a remote backup service either as your primary backup method or as an augmented service to your current local backup plan.

PC Co-Pilots is an authorized reseller of MozyPro, and we recommend it to everyone! You want a reliable offsite backup solution to protect your data that is easy to use and cost efficient. With MozyPro by PC Co-Pilots, you can have a secure, centralized, and dependable backup of your crucial data at all times! MozyPro uses a 448-bit Blowfish encryption of your data along with a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection during your data transfer. If you’d like, you can also use your own private key with 256-bit AES encryption during storage in place of the 448-bit Blowfish encryption.

MozyPro by PC Co-Pilots is scalable and will work with any number of your servers and workstations, including Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and even Mac OS X! Save time and money by having PC Co-Pilots deploy a MozyPro remote backup solution for your computers today!

Data Recovery:

Sometimes you get unlucky and your backups fail, or you never had a backup plan in place to begin with. You have to get your data back, at least partially. What can be done in your situation? Data Recovery services through PC Co-Pilots!

PC Co-Pilots is an Ontrack Data Recovery Authorized Partner, so you can count on our competent technicians to have the most cutting edge resources available in your critical times of need! In most cases, our team can recover your data from common software-related issues, such as a corrupt Windows installation, virus infections, or missing boot sectors. Even if your hard drive is starting to fail or if you have a corrupt partition, our technicians have a good chance of recovering your data with proprietary tools.

If your situation is more dire, such as a completely failed hard drive caused by normal usage, water or fire damage, or extreme shock to the drive, PC Co-Pilots will work closely with the team at Ontrack to give you the most cost efficient and effective way of obtaining your critical data. In these circumstances, we urge you not to try retrieving the data yourself or using “tech savy” techniques to help your drive run longer. The more time your failed hard drive is in use decreases the chances of data recovery and you may be stuck with rebuilding your data from scratch!

If you are suffering from data loss, don’t delay in contacting PC Co-Pilots for an diagnostic evaluation of your situation!

Disaster Recovery:

Your business will need a good disaster recovery plan in conjunction with your backup plan if you’re going to be able to survive a disaster that destroys your data. Having backups of your data won’t do much good if you’re unable to restore it and resume normal business activities as soon as possible. At PC Co-Pilots, the continuity of your business is our number one goal!

There are several factors that go into a disaster recovery plan, such as backup & restoration procedures, replacement & warranty options for technology assets, security measures to protect your systems, uninterruptable power to help with power failures, and fire preventions in your office. All of these should be included in your business continuity planning. If your business is currently lacking a disaster recovery plan or if you’re a new business owner and don’t know exactly where to start, contact a technician at PC Co-Pilots today for a consultation!

Fault Tolerance:

Our team at PC Co-Pilots have many ways to protect your servers and computers from data loss or failure. In conjunction with good backup and disaster recovery plans, fault tolerance can help keep your business running even during an event that would shut most companies down entirely!

For your servers and workstations, we can provide the most efficient RAID solutions you can rely on to protect your data. In most RAID setups, your data is written to multiple hard drives so that if one hard drive fails, you will have a copy of your data available on a separate drive. In more advanced RAID configurations, even during a failure such as this, you can still operate your business without any downtime. Your RAID setup will go into a “degraded” state, but won’t affect your daily activities. This will allow one of our technicians at PC Co-Pilots to replace the problematic hard drive with a new one and keep your data safe from further failure.

Hard drives aren’t the only component in your servers or computers that die out eventually! The next peice of hardware that usually gives business owners, as well as home users, problems is the power supply unit. A power supply is usually inexpensive to replace, but it could actually damage other major components in your computer, including your motherboard, processor, and memory, when it has a problem. Power surges, power outages, brownouts, and lightning strikes can wreak havoc on your computer and blow your power supply instantly. To protect from this type of failure, our technicians at PC Co-Pilots always recommends that you have your computer systems connected to an Uninterruptable Power Supply, or UPS for short.

A UPS unit will keep a constant power supply to your computer at all times and in the case of a complete power failure, give you enough time to save your data and shutdown your computer properly. Fortunately, you can pickup a UPS from most office supply stores and of course your local or online computer shop. If you’re having problems figuring out which one to get either to outfit your home computer or your entire work network, contact PC Co-Pilots today for our recommendations!

Sometimes your business needs a higher availability from your servers, so that the amount of downtime your network receives at at a minimum. In these cases, a redundant power supply unit would give you added protection in case of a hardware failure from your power supply. Our team can give you these options when purchasing a new server for your company or consult with you on how we can help your current server setup. For even larger setups, our staff at PC Co-Pilots can configure entire server rollover solutions for your network.

At PC Co-Pilots, we know fault tolerance and will provide you with the best solutions available!

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