A short and simple read explaining the 5 main reasons you need to use Gmail!

1. Spam:

There is no spam – it all goes to a nice little folder called spam. How much for this awesome spam filtering service? It’s free!

2. Access anywhere:

You don’t have to be at home or the office to check your email. You can check it from both. In fact, you can check your mail anywhere!

3. Loosing contacts or email addresses:

You won’t – it’s that simple. Google keeps up with everyone you have ever emailed. You can make contacts if you would like, but you really don’t have to. They do all the hard work for you, so you never have to wonder what that important client’s email address was!

4. Deleting email:

You don’t have to. Google gives you up to 7 GIGABYTES for free! Archive all of your email for future reference. If you’re prone to accidentally delete important messages, use a cheap backup application like Gmail Keeper!

5. Search email:

“Who was it that sent me that funny email about the person with the flamethrower hands?”

You won’t have to ask this question ever again (if you ever did)! With Gmail, you can search all of your email with ease.

Gmail LogoSo why is your company not using Gmail to manage your email? Do you enjoy paying for that expensive license for an Exchange Server? Do you enjoy getting spam? Do you like loosing track of your important messages?

I know we don’t – thats why we use Gmail!

It is simple, easy to setup, and cost effective (free)!

If you want to switch to Gmail and you’re worried about loosing data, let PC Co-Pilots help you through the process of migrating your current email to Gmail!