Looking for some simple free methods to increase traffic to your website and gain more customers? Well here are two free methods that you might have not considered. Try them out, we promise you will be surprised at how effective they will be at immediately increasing your website visitors.

1. Submitting your business to Google Places (maps).

If you do much local searching on Google, I am sure you have noticed that Google provides you with some nice business listings and a map to show each business location.

Take this example for a search: “accountants in jasper ga” :

google maps example for local search optimization in the north georgia area

Google takes into consideration your search and pulls local businesses that have submitted their listing to Google Places.

Did you know that you can submit your business to Google Places absolutely free? Not only is it a great way to get instant visibility to your website. You do not have to directly compete with all the other businesses in Georgia in the SERPS (search engine results page)

Even if you do not have a website. You can still submit your business to Google Places. In fact if you haven’t listed your business yet. We highly recommend doing that immediately.

Make sure you properly categorize your business and list your address and phone numbers in the same manner you do everywhere else. This is one of the things we recommend most when we help our local clients with search engine optimization.

Submit your business to Google Places by clicking here.

The big benefits of Google Places is that you might be in a relatively small niche which you can appear in the top results if there isn’t a lot of other businesses in your category. Being that North Georg is a small unique area, it happens a lot more than you would think.

Of course you can utilize SEO to help make sure your on the top of the Google Places listing and in the organic SERPs. But right now you are looking for free methods! So read further for recommendation number 2.

2. Using newsletters effectively!

I hear time and time again that small business have little to no budgets for advertising. Which is usually somewhat true. However you would be surprised at how cheap and effective a simple newsletter is. They are also pretty easy to setup and implement. The part that is difficult for most businesses is the inability to get people to sign up for them.

Here are some simple ways to get people to signup, seriously simple and easy:

  1. Put a notepad on your counter at your store or place of business. Put in all caps: “NEWSLETTER SIGNUP: Get more information about our specials and exclusive deals.“Place it near where people pay and make sure there is always a pen near it. You will be surprized at how many people sign up for it while they are waiting for the cashier to give them their change or receipt.
  2. When you sell a product, ask for an e-mail on your form or when you check them out. If they refuse or ask why, just explain to them about how you can provide them with future information about your product and also great deals and specials. Most will agree, if they don’t just say “no problem.”
  3. Place your newsletter signup on your website in bright colors. Put an envelop beside it and tell people the benefits of joining. Just having newsletter signup might not do the trick. It really depends on your visitors.
  4. Offer a raffle or a simple prize for signing up that you give out at random.

The ability to advertise for absolutely nothing with newsletters is so awesome. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to advertise to customers for a few cents.

Remember they can always un-subscribe if they feel like your sending them to many e-mails. You’re in business to make money and customer relations are important. But if you truly offer good deals, have someone setup your newsletter for you so its nice and professional. It can send a lot of traffic back to your website or storefront.

Give it a shot

I hope you implement these strategies and let us know of your successes by commenting or contacting us.